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  1. Horse Nutrition
    Hi there! I'd like some serious help with determining how good my horse's diet is. I've felt like lately, he's just been receiving too much artificial supplement. I read one of Jessi Mead's books and learned that the horse's digestive tract works too quickly to absorb artificially added...
  2. Horse Nutrition
    Okay, so "hay bellies" are caused by poor quality forage/low protein, right? Lemonade just doesn't lose her hay belly unless she's on grass full time with no hay at all. I've tried everything from one step up from straw to Alfalfa (over a few years, that is. I don't switch willy-nilly). It...
  3. Horse Health
    Ok so my mare is has a scoop of grain in the morning and at night. With the scoop in the morning she gets two ish flakes and the same at night. She gets a flake or two in the afternoon and then is turned out onto grass for an hour or so. I was thinking that the only reason she is being fed...
  4. Horse Health
    I'm probably not going to get a horse on my property due to the home owners association :cry: but just out of curiosity, if i did get a horse, they can't eat St. Augistine grass, right? Which kind of grass would i have to put in for the best grazing? Thanks!
1-4 of 4 Results