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  1. Dressage
    Thought I would post this cool & inspiring video to watch! If anyone could translate the words that go along with it, I would really appreciate it :-) Thoughts?
  2. Horse Pictures
    Hey you all. New user here. Thought I try this stuff out! The picture is of my horse Embla and I. We've known each other for a little over a decade now, and she's been mine for nearly three years. She is truly one of a kind :)
  3. Horse Pictures
    Just some pictures of my horse Silke I'd like to share =) Silke is now for 3 year in training as show/model horse, and she's doing great. =) I didnt use any tack so no photoshopping here, she just stays with me...
  4. Jen

    Horse Memorials
    My girl Jen passed away today. She ran through the fence, and broke her elbow. The vet put her to sleep. She was 29, almost 30. I loved her dearly- we were pals. She was always so sensitive to how I was feeling, and if I was sad, she'd comfort me. She taught me a lot- about riding, training, and...
1-4 of 4 Results