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  1. Horse Shows
    I know for lower level the test are a maximum or 5 minutes, and since there aren't any other rules regarding time limits in LL shows, I was wondering if there's some sort of "norm" or "way of doing things" that applies to this concept. I'd like to do a freestyle at some point in this year or...
  2. Horse Talk
    Hoping I can get some advice. So I was watching the video of frestyle showmanship at AQHA youth worlds and want to start one at my fair. Has anyone competed in one before? What were the required maneuvers? What songs have you used or heard? (I only found the video of one that they had...
  3. Dressage
    I want to start to play around with some freestyles, but I don't have ANY idea what some good songs are! I'm really open to anything, so what are your ideas!? :D
  4. Western Riding Queries & Competition sub forums
    Okay so every year in June, the Barn where I ride has a show. Within this show are various disciplines including freestyle. I would love to try it but I don't have any ideas on music/theme/pattern... . Please bear in mind that I will be riding a 3 year old appaloosa mare who has all the basics...
1-4 of 4 Results