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  1. Horse Breeding
    Has anyone bred to the Friesian Stallion Tietse 428? I was recommended his frozen semen as good quality and absolutely love his conformation and movement. I would love to see pics of your foals and hear how they are doing if you have bred to him before! I am a first time breeder and used a...
  2. Art and Craft Work
    Here's some of my latest charcoal work - charcoal seems to be very popular at the moment. Andalusian stallion "Fandango" (A3): Cheeky Shetland pony stallion (A4): Yellow Labrador "Chloe" (A3): Friesian stallion "Dirk van de Jonker" (A3): Hope you like the portraits. ~i
  3. Horse Pictures
    This photo was taken in front of a hugh backdrop against wall with the sun just going down. It almost looks like a painting.
  4. Art and Craft Work
    Hi guys, I haven't posted in a while.. Here's one of my latest horse commissions - a Friesian stallion in charcoal (size A3). Hope you like him! :D
1-4 of 5 Results