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  1. Stallions and Broodmares
    I have a lovely colt who would make a great stallion, definitely not as great as others but he would have been good. Anyways, lack of communication with the studs owner and loss of paperwork to DNA test him back to his site is leaving me no choice but to geld him. What's a good age to geld your...
  2. Stallions and Broodmares
    Im bery interested in to hear what breeders look for in a stallion. Im going to use this to choose future sires to cover my mares, also to determine whether or not j should cut my colt. Typically being in the barrel racing world, i look for disposition, conformation in the back and legs...
  3. Training, Performance, behavioral concerns/queries
    First of all he is about to be gelded. I am not very experienced with horses and he is already a real hand full. He tries to bite me and rears at anyone that comes near him. After he is gelded I am hoping he will calm down. I used to be able to walk him some a few months ago, but I had...
1-3 of 3 Results