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  1. General Riding queries
    Hey guys! This year I'm working on trying to show my horse in English and Western Pleasure. I ultimately want to do dressage with her but I'm also taking vaulting lessons (not on my horse) to work on making my seat more secure and conquer some fear issues I have. I'm honestly wondering what you...
  2. Horse Pictures
    Just some new pics I got of my horse Lilly :) After me and my grandma gave her a hair cut So cute ! Couldnt resist ! :))
  3. Horse Videos
    Comment and like ! maybe even sub ? First time using Sony Vegas so feedback would be niice too :) Its kinda unclear though =\
  4. Horse Health
    im having problems giving my horse bute (she went thru a fence and severed her flexi tendon ) i am looking for some tricks to hide the smell of bute in her feed tried mollasses and apples etc.bought bute paste but at the moment can,t paste her either. so im injecting her with another pain...
1-4 of 4 Results