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  1. Horse Riding & Horse Activity
    I'm new to riding? I've wanted to ride since I was little but I was never allowed, I'm 16, just started college and finally managed to convince my mum to get me riding lessons :D , but I want to know what I should expect for the first lesson and is there anything I should know as a beginner? :?:
  2. Rider Wellness
    I am so frustrated Rewind to the beginning of July, shortly after my family moved out of state and my boyfriend left me, I became unbearably nauseated, a little bit all the time and sometimes I would get an extra strength wave of it just to make life more interesting. I also noticed some other...
  3. Horse Talk
    This girl told me that she thinks my horse, Sydney, is ugly.... :-x For one, I don't believe that ANY horse is ugly, and I most definitely don't think my baby girl is ugly either! So when she blurted out her arrogant mind vomit, what did I do? Nothing :shock: .... I was in shock! What would...
  4. Other Pets
    Today we went to pick up a male fainting goat for my fiance's mom and while we were there we picked up a female for ourselves. I love coming here for name suggestions beause everyone has great ideas! So suggest away!:D
  5. Horse Stories and Poems
    I know an amazing new book for summer reading, Moonlight Ride by Lexi Bassford! It's all about Colorado, wild horses and the wild stallion who captures a girl’s heart. Great for reading by the pool, at the beach or wherever you are hanging out this summer! You can get the book and eBook at...
  6. Horse Breeding
    My horses have just had tow new foals and i have no idea what to name them. Its a boy and a girl. Help please :)
  7. Welcome! Introduce yourself here!
    Okay, so I've always had a thing for horses :) I convinced my mom to give me lessons when I was about 6, but eventually some things came up and they had to stop. I never had a place to put a horse until we moved back to Missouri 3 years ago. So now, one month ago, I was finally able to buy my...
  8. Horse Talk
    alrighty, i have a bit of a delema. i have 3 wonderful horses, only one of which i actually own. at my ranch, my boss will purchase a horse for a worker, and it is their's to train and keep. i have a 2 year old arab. mare, and an 11 year old arab. gelding. i am currently training both of them...