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  1. Horse Health
    Hi everyone, I have a friend at our barn who is caring for a gray horse with several large melanomas. Several are under her tail, and now are beginning to rupture. This is the second horse at a barn I've stabled at that I've seen with this problem, but since neither of them were mine, I haven't...
  2. Horse Colors and Genetics
    I was looking at horses listed on craigslist and came across this little filly. She is an Andaluisan, dam is grey, I do not know the sire's color, but it would be completely practical for her to grey out or remain bay, and rabicano is not uncommon in the breed, usually just masked by grey...
  3. Art and Craft Work
    This is a commission I did of a Thoroughbred named Vickie. Age 27. Painted with acrylics. Click to enlarge
  4. Horse Pictures
    Hi all, I just got this grade QH mare to use for barrels/cows. She's a really sweet girl, has lots of training, and is very quick and forward. Approx. 15.1-15.2hands. She is fleabitten grey, but has some really cool markings on her neck. Sorry if she's dirty in some of the pics; can't wash her...
  5. Horse Breeds
    Name-Taz Age-3 years Color-Grey (From Bay I think) Height-more than 14.1hh less than 15hh
  6. Horse Colors and Genetics
    Meet Shooter, my 4 yr old, gray QH. Please don't make fun of his fly mask, it's better than nothing. I think it's kind of funny. I'm still in denial that my pretty steel gray horseie is going to turn white! :-(I know that all horses gray eventually go white at some point in their life...
  7. Horse Colors and Genetics
    My red dun registered AQH has a large percentage of silver hairs in his tail and in his mane. I have never seen another red dun like him. All of the ones I have seen have red, brown, and tan hairs, not silver. They are not white, and not part of a partial sabino pattern. They are silver grey. I...
  8. Horse Colors and Genetics
    I have a dappled grey Arabian in training currently and as we all know they typically get lighter with age. He is beginning to turn flea bitten, so I am wondering if there is any supplement out there that will help keep him dappled? I have heard of the Cheval silver horse supplement, but it...
  9. Horse Colors and Genetics
    This is Cupid when i first go her. Here is another one. This is her in early spring. She looks almost black? Heres another one! :) Here she looks almost red... And check out that tail! :) any thoughts on what color she is? she also has a big spot on her belly that is a very light brown in...
  10. Horse Pictures
    These are just some recent pics I took of my lovely mare, Pie. :)
  11. Horse Pictures
    These are some new pics of my gray mare, Pie, and my sister's appaloosa gelding, Prince. :) They're taken with my phone, so they're not in the best quality. When Pie eats her feed, she always puts one leg up. Only when she's eating her feed. Not for grass or hay. I don't know why. xD
  12. Horse Pictures
    This is my first, new mare named Pie. :] She's a registered paint, although she doesn't really look like it. You can't really tell in the pictures but she had a flea-bit pattern. A whole lot of little, brown spots. But when she's wet you can see blackish spots on her skin. x) Anyway, she's my...
  13. Horse Memorials
    We bred our miniature mare to our Welsh stally, and they produced a beautiful foal--palomino colored, but with dappled gray legs. Unfortunately, Steel the Glory out of Lulu and Steel Soldier was born crowned; meaning he was born with water on his brain that prevented him from breathing and...
1-13 of 13 Results