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  1. Review Horse Tack and Equipment
    I recently commissioned a new draft bridle from Saint Paul Saddlery. It has silver studs, is made of doubled black leather. I also bought a beautiful pair of braided split reins. It, in total, costed me $50 and ten days to make. I am incredible pleased with the end result of the bridle - it is...
  2. Jumping
    Today I had an amazing lesson. I stopped pumping at the canter, stopped dropping my inside shoulder when turning, and sat the trot a lot better. My trainer also told me that I jumped the best she has ever seen, even though I did cut a few corners and then we ended up jumping early. But as soon...
  3. Horse Breeds
    I love Standies! Here is mine! Western Comet (Western Hanover x Lil's Leader x Town Leader) He was a really good racer
1-3 of 3 Results