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  1. Horse Breeds, Registrations and Brands
    I am trying to find the mare that is the mother to my colt Bad Company. She might have been skinny at the time and gotten from a lot or from a woman named kim. She was given the name Bella. She was turned out with Pee Ridge LoudCloud and would have had a little sorrel paint foal stallion with...
  2. Horse Talk
    So I am getting a beautiful mare, she's 19 years old which is perfect for me and my family. She's a dapple grey. The person I am buying her from lives near me, and since I felt that I would forever feel like it was "her" horse, I've decided to rename her myself to make her more "mine". Problem...
  3. Horse Conformation Queries and Critique
    Hi everyone just want your thoughts on my QH/TH/BEL cross.Thanks
  4. Horse Shows
    Hi there, Had my mare about 2 months now, Stable name Misty. She's a Grey Arab X, very cheeky, fabulous bold jump and lovely floaty paces. desperately need a 'show name' for her as we are hoping to compete (local shows first) this summer, mainly in showing classes but also maybe a bit of...
  5. Horse Stories, Poems, Famous Horses in sub forum
    The following is not a made up story out of my head. It is the very real and very true story of how I got my grey mare. Nothing in this story is exaggerated. Abandoned Grey Mare Part 1 It's January 19th 2009. I'm hanging around watching TV and all of a sudden I get the weirdest feeling...
  6. Art and Craft Work
    This is Sulaika, a German mare (Arab X Westphalian). She's in her late 20s and suffers from Cushing's syndrome so her coat is long and shaggy all year round. However, she's doing great and is much loved by her owner. Pastels on velour, A4. My scanner has swallowed her whiskers but they are there...
1-6 of 7 Results