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  1. Horse Talk
    Okay so I have an idea for a friend of mine. She has a horse that is in her late 30's and her health is deteriorating. I don't think it will be long before she has to cross over that rainbow bridge. This horse is my friends world. she has had her for over 20 years. so I was thinking to maybe...
  2. Horse Talk
    I'm currently facing a wonderful offer on the table of a Tennessee Walker/Paint mix. my DREAM horse. Something that I would think only existed in fairytales. Wouldn't happen to me kind of thing. But. I've lost two horses in two years. The very first horse I had, the family horse...
  3. Horse Talk
    How do you cope with losing a big love sponge on four legs? How do you handle being around people? How do you handle it when your friends don't really want to listen when you need to let out some of your grief or burst?
1-3 of 4 Results