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grooming supplies
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  1. Horse Grooming
    I'd like to build up my grooming kit and what better time than Christmas :smile: What are your favorite grooming tools? Bonus points if you post a link. Thanks!
  2. New to Horses
    Hello all! I'm wanting to budget out horse equipment and was wondering: what basic items are needed for new horse owners(grooming, tack, feeding, miscellaneous items)? Also, what do you buy before you get your horse and what can you buy after you have your horse? My husband and I are wanting...
  3. Horse Grooming
    For my old horse, Chester (a bay), i just bought some brushes at a farm store near my barn, but I'm getting a new horse, a palomino, and this time I want to get some really nice brushes. I need some suggestions on the best brushes for shine and ability to get rid of dirt. Any specific brands or...
  4. Horse Grooming
    My boy is currently out in a paddock/agistment that has black soil and although he is a medium coloured bay he still gets really dirty. He is rugged most of the time and is not a show horse ( so no reall primping and preening needed) , I would just like to give this boy of mine a big clean up...
  5. Horse Talk
    In the summer we always go to Maine and I intend to stop by in New Hampshire to visit the Dover there this year. Now I read on some forums that if you have their catalog, you can get many more sales or something? Because there are coupons and sale prices in it?? I live in Canada so it isn't...
  6. Horse Grooming
    I am looking for a good pair of clippers for under $100. Any help? I need them for whiskers, ears, and bridle path, and maybe one day the whole body. Preferably cordless, but I will take ANY suggestions :D
  7. Tack and Equipment Classifieds
    I'm looking for some grooming supplies of any type for a sixteen hand saddlebred, and I do not care that it was use as long as it isn't to badly damaged or unclean. I'm also looking for a halter and a lead rope, it can be a used halter or lead, but it must look clean in someway. Thank you :D
1-7 of 8 Results