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  1. Horse Talk
    I was wondering if anyone has had luck hosting biweekly or monthly horsemanship evenings? We are some of only a few people locally who use "natural" horsemanship techniques and want to do everything we can to encourage and support people who want to give it a shot. We are not wanting it to be...
  2. Horse Talk
    I am new to 4h and I have to do a presentation that is 5-10 minuets long. Id like it to be horse related and something that is interesting, not some thing that will bore everyone in the group. Any suggestions are welcome!!!
  3. Trail Riding
    Is there an official trail riding club in the Southwest Michigan area near the Greater Kalamazoo Area? I am interesting in joining a club or group of people that get out and trail ride in the area. I am solo in my equine interest. So I have no one to horse around with! I am sure I cannot...
1-3 of 3 Results