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  1. Horse Shows
    Yesterday was Pluto's first time doing a gymkhana event. I wasn't expecting him to place, I only wanted the experience for him and to have a little fun. We entered FC so I planned on trotting him around the patterns and canter home. I've only had him for 4 months so I'm still learning things...
  2. Horse Breeds, Registrations and Brands
    Okay, I'm looking at this Quarter Horse cross and he has these big Draft/Mustang hooves. He's only about 14.3-15hh, but I'm pretty sure he might be a Draft x Quarter Horse. He seems to have some speed, but I'm just worried that it might be a bit more difficult for him to do speed events with...
  3. Horses for Sale, Lease, Loan & Wanted
    Kachina is a 1/2 Arab 1/2 Paint mare (Pinto) she is 9 years old and 14.2hh. This horse is very athletic, willing, smart, and fast. She has been in Junior Rodeo where she was in the top 10 for pole bending. She has been used as a barrel horse, pole horse, parade horse, gymkhana horse, lesson...
  4. Training, Performance, behavioral concerns/queries
    Hello! My 21 year old Quarter Horse has been living at my grandmas house for the past few years, so he does not get ridden very often. We may be boarding him closer to my house in a year or two. He has never gamed before and can be very lazy at times. But has never had any mayor health problems...
  5. Barrel Racing
    This was a little club gymkhana Duke, Kayo and I went to.(: Duke hadnt seen a single pole pattern in 5 months and he ran a 21.811.. Im so excited to see what hes got for me this year! It felt so good to be running him again. <3 Kayo got my first 7 second 75 up&back run, and it was her first time...
  6. Barrel Racing
    All I'm wondering is if you think it is possible to be a self-taught barrel racer :-)
  7. Horse Tack, blankets and Equipment Queries
    Hi i have a 12 year old aqha i use a tom thumb for western pleasure. I run him in the tom thumb, he stops and turns good in it, but it is speeding up his western pleasure lope. so I am looking for a gymkhana bit, any recomendations?
  8. Horse Talk
    I've got a little playday on sunday, and I haven't heard of a few of the events. Is anyone familiar with the Flying W and Tomahawk patterns? Idaho Figure 8 is also kinda throwing me off, but it looks like it might just be the figure 8 pattern? Thanks! :wink:
  9. Horse Conformation Queries and Critique
    I don'r have the best pics of him but what do you guys think of this 6 year old APHA gelding as a barrel prospect?
  10. Barrel Racing
    Okay, so I want to start running barrels with my mare. I have already started patterning her, and she will trot and canter pretty nicely around the barrels. I ride English and western, but I've never really known much about running barrels. I have a couple friends who do it, and of course I've...
  11. Horse Shows
    Hi everyone, I am in a hunt for gymkhana shows in the maine/new hampshire area. If anyone knows of some please message me. Thank you :)
  12. Rodeo
    I wanted to share with everyone my videos of my green mare, Precious, that I trained! Please no rude comments. This was her second barrel run EVER, I'm holding back her speed in all of her events to get clean turns before focusing on speed. First barrel is our weakness. And the keyhole video's...
  13. Horse Riding Critique
    she is 8 years old and is registered paint Foxys High N Dry Paint her name is foxys high n dry tell me what you think {respectfully please:-)} she was out from september 2010 to march 2011 so she is out of shape and down on muscle so thats why she looks reallly out of shape. before she got...
1-14 of 15 Results