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gypsy cob

  1. Horse Colors and Genetics
    So this is a horse at my riding stables and people say his colour is a blanket coat snowflake appaloosa, and I trust them but I've never seen another horse that looks like him and his coat doesnt come up with the same thing when I search it . I just wonder what it is :)
  2. New to Horses
    Hi, I'm new to the whole forum set up so please be patient while I figure it out... 18 months ago I brought my pony home from a local gypsy sale. At the time people in the local area were aware of this herd of neglected ponies and wanted to try and help. However, after these wild ponies...
  3. Horse Videos
    This is me trying to teach Esmee to come when I do an owl call, like in War Horse. She's doing alright with it, although it might be better to try somewhere with less food kicking about! I'd also like to try and teach her without using treats, so hopefully she's coming for me and not her stomach XD
  4. Horse Conformation Critique
    He is almost 2 months old and already the size of foals 6 weeks older than him. I know these are not great confirmation shots, just pics sent to me from his breeder. :-)