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  1. General Riding queries
    Hello all! I have a 20 yo hannoverianxthoroughbred and been owning him for almost 7 years now. We were hacking alot, with company and alone. When in company he always wanted to be first and was very competitive. Unfortunately we had to change stables 3 times in 4 years. It was worse everytime we...
  2. Horse Riding Critique
    Hello everyone :-) If you wouldn't mind, could you critique this photo of myself and my previous mount? It was taken during a Hack division at a past show although I cannot remember which class. Critique equitation, horse and turnout! Thank you! (Click photo to enlarge)
  3. Barrel Racing
    A short time ago i had a tack failure with a difficult horse to run. A friend lent me her stop&turn hack and i quickly found that was what my mare runs best in. i had a much better run than with anything else. i have ridden her since with the same hack and she doesnt fight at all. good turns n...
  4. General Riding queries
    What is a working hack class at pony club? It says in the pattern given on the program to perform rollbacks and back ups, so is it for stock horses? Or is it for anyone?
  5. General Riding queries
    I've just got a new loan horse and he's a 16hh tb so the biggest horse ive ever rode so generally i'm already nervous when i take him out for a hack usually when we get about half way up the road he starts turning round and trying to go home I've tried turning him in circles back to the way I...
  6. Trail Riding
    *Hi there, I got my first horse four months ago. She's a 4yo cob, 14.2hh.* Things are going really well for us, only now I've started hacking with friends and not the school rides. I remember the first and only time I cantered with her back just a week before I got her. Since I have stuck to...
  7. Horse Videos
    Another video of Calum, with the same clips as before but i've mixed them up a bit :D. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out :lol: .
  8. Horse Pictures
    These are pictures from a 2 hour hack i went on. I'm riding a black & white cob called Clyde. Tell me what you think of Clyde :D
1-8 of 9 Results