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  1. Horse Breeds, Registrations and Brands
    I have a 15 year old haflinger gelding, and his weight varies a lot. One day he’s at the perfect weight and then another day he’s either under or over weight. Is this just something common with the breed? Today I noticed that he is looking underweight, I could see his ribs a bit. I haven’t...
  2. Horse Tack, blankets and Equipment Queries
    Hello, I've noticed that haflingers tend to be in 8 point bridles/ prescott noseband bridles or ones with thick noseband bridles. (I'm not good with bridle names) I see them in general riding or dressage. What are they used for and is it fine for general riding with a haflinger? Thanks!
  3. Horse Pictures
    So, I'm quite new to this forum and I'd like to introduce these three beasties off mine before hobbling off into the rest of the forum. I'll also share how I met them and what my plans are for all of them. Well, I say all, but that's because I think three horses for one person is a LOT. Not that...
  4. Horse Breeds, Registrations and Brands
    Does anyone have any information about different characteristics among the seven stallion lines in Haflingers? I've been searching the internet for information, but all I have found is that the A line tends to be more athletic/modern, and that M and W tend to be more drafty/stocky. I...
  5. Horse Breeds, Registrations and Brands
    Hello, I just joined! I'm curious about Haflingers. Here's the deal: I'm not a very confident rider, and honestly, riding tall horses freaks me out. My grandmother owns a Haflinger, and he seems like a horse I could just chill out on slightly lower to the ground. Except he's an idiot and my...
  6. Training, Performance, behavioral concerns/queries
    I bought a team of Haflingers. They arrived at my ranch in Chiloquin, Oregon, from the breeders farm In Michigan, on July 5, 2010. They were the team from Hades. I couldn't catch them unless I put feed in their stall and closed the door. They were nervous about being touched during grooming...
1-6 of 6 Results