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  1. Training, Performance, behavioral concerns/queries
    I am riding an 18 year old 13.2HH pony who had the same owner most of his life. I am exercising him back into shape so that he can be leased out as a pony hunter. To my surprise, he does not act 18…. I’ve seen videos of her riding him at home and at shows, he is a fantastic little jumper, very...
  2. General Riding queries
    This is pathetic since I've been around horses ever since I can remember, :oops: but what's a half halt? My trainer doesn't teach them, or at least she's never mentioned it! I've read they can be helpful for getting a horse lighter on the forehand, and I've got a pony who could use some work on...
  3. Training, Performance, behavioral concerns/queries
    Or at least thats what my paint/quarter pony cross tells me when I ask for a lead change. My coaches have been giving me lots of great tips about how to do the but I still am rarely successful. My mare is a very sweet and willing horse who does just about anything for me... Well almost...
  4. English Riding Queries & Discussions
    i know its such a simple thing to learn but i get a little confused on how to do it, and unless im 100% sure i try to avoid it- however it would massively help improve my riding if i was able to do it properly:) could someone explain what the excact aids are ??:-P
  5. Show Jumping and using jumping in training
    Hi! I take lessons once a week, and need help keeping the mare I ride at a collected canter. Apparently she likes stretching out when she canters. My instructor tells me to pull in and release my right reign to slow her, and she usually will slow completely to a trot. She usually just ignores...
1-5 of 5 Results