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half pad

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    Hey all! Recently I've noticed some ruffling hair towards the back of my saddle after rides. My horse doesn't seem sore at all and I've run my fingers down her spine with no issue or balking. She also doesn't get grumpy at all under saddle or seem like she hurts. There are no bald spots or rubs...
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    Hello, i'm new here ^^ Two years ago along with my first horse i bought an used saddle. I was completely inexperienced so i relied on my riding trainer's help and trusted him that the saddle was fitting. Now, my young horse muscles developed, he grew and i dont know if the saddle is 100% good...
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    I have a plain, kinda cheap, cotton half pad that came with these kinda flimsy foam shims, which have been working fine. But I thought if the thinline shims fit into the pockets then I'd save some money on buying a nice new thinline half pad! I am considering going with my current shims to a...
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    Whoever has tried these half pads before, what your opinion? Also, would a medium fit my 17" wintec saddle? It sits on the rolls a little too much on a small fleeceworks half pad, and I want to make sure a medium Mattes wouldn't do that. Thanks!
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    Hello, I was looking into possibly trying out the diamond wool half pad for english. I have the western diamond wool pad for my horse and I LOVE it and she seems to as well. Has anyone ever tried this half pad or one that is similar? I'd love to hear some opinions on it. Here's a picture! Thanks :)
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    ISO half pad for 17" English saddle, nothing fancy or super thick needed- just trying out options for the saddle. Looking to spend $15-20 shipped. Please post pictures and prices, thanks!
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    I was looking for a pad to help protect my horse's back and was having difficulty finding honest reviews. I think when people pay about $150 for a pad, whether it does anything or not, they convince themselves they love it to justify it. So every review I saw for expensive pads was absolutely...
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    I lease an OTTB with shark fin withers? I've tried a few different half pads but have not gotten any improvements. I heard the gel ones work wonders but beofre buying anything I wanted to know anyone's opinion. That'd be great thanks.:-)
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    I'm really frustrated with my Thinline half pad. I have this one: When I pull the pad up into the channel for whither clearance (like I do with all pads), the thinline pad is BARELY wide enough to be underneath the tree points. It's actually questionable if the thinline part goes far enough...
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    Hi all :) I prefer white or natural colored pads, since my trainer will not let me show in black.
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    Hi, I have a TB gelding, typical high withers. I ride in a Wintec AP Saddle (it fits him fine). I ride with a contoured saddle pad that fits the shape of his withers really well. Its not a super thick pad by any means but still has something. My instructor told me I should be looking at...
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    I have a basically new Medium Mattes Pad for sale. I've ridden in it a few times but always with a saddle pad underneath so it's still very clean. There are a few dirt scuffs on it, but none where it is noticeable. This pad was about 1.5-2 inches too big for my AP saddle, so it will fit an 18...
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    Would a cob sized half pad fit my 15.3 fit QH? Sorry I'm bad at sizing!
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    Hi! I've noticed that the sheepskin (and even fleece) half pads are very expensive. Does anyone know where I can get a nice one for under $50? Thanks :D
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    In my quest to find a properly fitting saddle, I have also been looking closely at my saddle pads. The half pad, is said ( according to Google search) to relieve wither pressure and pressure around the spine. Although, in feeling what my saddle is like, it seems that there is a lot of pressure...
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    I've had my saddle fitted in the last month or so, which has helped my horse's back, but the problem of un-even pressure / hollowing still stands. My horse has MASSIVE shoulders, so we have to push the saddle back a bit inorder to prevent pinched nerves & shoulder pressure. the original problem...
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    Hi there, I have a REALLY complicated and convoluted question about saddle fitting. Currently I am riding (but don't own) a 5 yr old Friesian cross--he's got an ENORMOUS shoulder, low/little wither. If he were my horse, I'd definitely get him a custom saddle, but the situation is complicated...
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    Hi everyone, I have a few tack questions that I want to ask. I ride in an english saddle, and it fits my horse almost perfectly. The only thing is that it is a little wide in the withers, and it sits very low on his back. When I ride, it seems like it tightens around his withers a bit and makes...