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  1. Horse Pictures
    Guess what- I finally was able to dress up and take pictures with Tessa! I can't believe I actually have a horse to do this with (I know, I know, I've had Tessa for over 2 years but sometimes it still amazes me) My amazing friend came out and took some fantastic pictures with Tessa and I! I'm...
  2. Trail Riding
    Hi everyone, I just have a quick question, which weekend will Halloween be celebrated on at Brown County, ID? Halloween falls on a Thursday this year and I was wondering will it be celebrated on the Saturday before or after Halloween? Thanks for all your help!!
  3. Horse Pictures
    This is a picture of one of our horses as a ghost for Halloween :D
  4. Horse Pictures
    I painted my Palomino Rocky Mountain as a skeleton this year for Halloween and he was a hit :D
  5. General Riding queries
    My barn has a halloween party every year and idk what to dress my horse as? She's a TWH, 15 hands, palomino. I want to do a horse and rider costume so i can dress up with her! any ideas? nothing too crazy or expensive! also preferably nothing that goes on or over her ears she is very very ear...
  6. Horse Talk
    Hey everyone! So I was wondering...what are your thoughts on going Trick-Or-Treating with horses? It sounds fun. You can dress up yourself and your horse and hit the road for some candy! But it also sounds dangerous. Little kids running around in crazy outfits out in the dark..something's...
  7. Horse Talk
    Hey... So it's my first halloween with my horse, and I can't let it pass without totally humiliating her by sticking her in some crazy costume. :D No really though, I really want to dress her up. But I can't really think of any good ideas, so if anyone has a really epic costume idea they would...
  8. Horse Pictures
    Halloween came a bit early here at the barn. Here's some shots from my silly mare's Halloween photoshoot today! Here's Applejack And now, the star of the show! I wish the apples turned out a little bit brighter, I guess I had the wrong kind of paint. I still really liked how it turned...
  9. General Riding queries
    At the barn I work at, they're doing a "Halloween show". I have a few horses to choose from to do a costume with! Does anyone have some cheap and easy costume ideas? Background on horses: 2 black/white perch/paint crosses, not too spooky but still young 1 shire, sometimes easily scared 1...
1-9 of 10 Results