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  1. Horse Tack, blankets and Equipment Queries
    I would like to show a 2 year old gelding named Simon in halter.I am a minor so I can not get a job.I live in Oregon and I do odd jobs but that is not a steady income and I am trying to get a show halter.The problem is is that they are so expensive.I would like to know if any one can point me in...
  2. Horse Shows
    I'm in desperate need for some advice. :? I have a 5 year old unregistered rocky mountain mare, and we've been to our first show in June. She is still very green, so we only shown in Halter and showmanship classes. It was a open fun-show, so there wasn't a worry on proper show attire. Which is...
  3. Horse Conformation Queries and Critique
    hey! i was wondering which horse would make a better halter horse for the county 4-H. these are just some pictures,. they arent professional, but you get a pretty good idea! but could you just give me your opinion and pros and cons of each horse?. thanks:D arizona (mare) 18 yrs old western...
  4. Horse Riding Critique
    Sales | Showcase Performance Horses I am mostly looking at Kale, Gwen, and Connor but am really tied between which to go with. Also would it be stupid to geld the colt now or should I wait till after it's halter career? Thanks.
  5. Horse Riding Critique
    I'm considering showing my horse in a halter class at my local saddle club (VERY small saddle club in a VERY small town) and was just wondering if he even has the correct conformation to compete. I wanted to get opinions from everyone so I can decide if I should start to do this. I just wouldn't...
1-5 of 5 Results