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  1. Trailer and Horsebox queries
    Does anyone have any experience hauling larger (16hh+) horses in a 2 horse straight load with the dividers removed? If so, have you found them to be better with the divider or without? Is there any reason not to remove it? I am considering purchasing a 2 horse Sundowner (7'6'' tall, 7' wide...
  2. Horse Health
    Hi all, Hoping for any tips/advice/experiences you have surrounding hauling horses long distances. In a couple months my boy will be travelling down south, as our weather takes a turn and it becomes 85% + humidity 24/7 with high temps, making it very hard to be a horse without all sorts of...
  3. Horse Health
    Hi everyone! I have read conflicting remarks on the use of shipping boots. I usually don't use leg protection in the trailer simply because I'm usually hauling one horse and I have never hauled over 3 hours. However, I am preparing for an 8 hour trip in the cold winter weather. I want to make...
  4. Barrel Racing
    So I have been running barrels competitively for around 3 years now but now I am advancing and going to bigger and further away barrel races and rodeos. My horses all trailer and haul fine but the longest they have been in one is like 2 and a half-3 hours. I have a 4 horse Featherlite and my...
  5. Horse Jobs Available & Seeking Positions
    Hello, I need a gelding hauled from Raymond, WA to Malo WA. I've been told he hauls well and hes been hauled all over to shows and trails. Thanks!
  6. Horse Talk
    Hi! Is anyone no farther that 3hours away intreasted in trail riding? =) I hauled up to parkersburg last summer and loved it! Looking for anyone or anywhere to haul up to and trail ride with whoever and a friend of mine. I'm located Near Morgantown in WV... Also, my spelling sucks =) :oops:
  7. Trailer and Horsebox queries
    Hey there, So I have a few questions about trailers. Here's a quick background: I will be making a long journey (1000+ miles) across the country soon and I am in need of a lighter trailer. I have an older 2 horse BP that weighs 3650- empty. I am looking to buy a new/used trailer, preferably a...
  8. Horse Law
    I know that if you want to haul a horse (Ithink it's at least 75 miles) he/she needs a negative coggins test which I get every year along with rabbies. What else do I NEED to get and what SHOULD I get? Thanks for any help.
  9. Trailer and Horsebox queries
    Empty trailer headed to MT from CO. Have room for four horses. Looking to cover gas and help someone who may need a horse hauled. Experienced hauler and horse women(over 20 years). Trip will be June(27) or(28). Please send inquiries to [email protected] Thanks:D
  10. Horse Talk
    So im moving to oklahoma in a week, iv already takin care of the coggins test and health examiniations and stuff. im just hoping to get some advice on how to make the trip a little easier
  11. Horse Talk
    I have a rescue horse needing transport. An 2001 Arabian stallion, he's in good health and easy to handle. He's being kicked out early December and I'm giving him a good home - full care, dressage training (and showing if he's up to it). The owner just doesn't have the resources to keep him and...
  12. Horse Health
    Hey So I just got a new horse! :D Very exciting but heres my question for you all... Hes in the north and we're in the south and we are going to haul him. I know if you haul in a trailer with air ride suspension the horses don't feel the vibratition so they are all cool but what about trailer...
  13. Horse Talk
    I'm a grad student and am finally getting to go home and pick up my horse to bring back to school with me! I was hoping to find someone who might need a horse hauled from TX towards GA or back. As a grad student, some help with fuel costs would be amazing. I'm in College Station TX going to...
1-13 of 15 Results