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  1. Horse Health
    *Please read whole post before commenting. I started my two mares on haylage a week ago because they were having respiratory issues and the vet recommended. Got the botulism vaccines, eased them into it, no big deal. Everything is fed from nets/feeders with 1.25"-1" nets and is on a track...
  2. Horse Health
    i always fed my horse on haylage and recently changed to hay but he just picks at it anyone have any ideas to encourage him to eat it:?:?:?:?:?
  3. Horse Talk
    Thought I'd share this with anyone who wants more grass and is frustrated that as soon as the rain stops their paddocks turn to concrete or the grass growth is slow from lack of moisture. If you're lucky enough to have either a spring or small stream on your land you should be able to...
1-3 of 4 Results