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  1. Horse Health
    Its been three weeks since I have ridden my horse because he is mildly off (1/10 on scale) off. Background is, he is 19 years old, an OTTB, we only do dressage (Training/First level). He is ridden probably 4 days a week solid, sometimes more, sometimes less. 3 Sunday's ago I had my normal...
  2. General Riding queries
    My horse has recently started playing with his bit more when im riding. He moves it around in his mouth and he also bobs his head up and down constantly when anyone rides him. He only has a snaffle bit but i was wondering maybe he needs his teeth floated again. Is there any way you can check...
  3. Horse Health
    Okay i'll try not to make this an essay but please read and give me your thoughts and advice:( I'm 15 and i've just bought my first horse when he was brought into our field he started stomping around etc, and sorting out the pecking order.. but when i took him out for his first ride a few days...
1-3 of 3 Results