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  1. Ridden Showing, Hunter/Jumper, Equitation
    Mod note (Jaydee) The photograph in this post is being flagged by my forum view as being ‘unsuitable for under 18’s to view. If you are also seeing this please ignore - it’s just a girl on a horse! End of Mod note. I have recently moved barns from a hunter jumper to an eventing barn. I have...
  2. General Riding queries
    It's little hard to phrase this question. But it is about how much weight you support/put in your legs vs in your sit during walk , trout & Canter. Just for the discussion purpose, for example, while waling , you would put very little 15-20 percent of your weight in your heels ( enough to keep...
  3. Eventing, Cross Country, Fox/Trail Hunting
    I've been riding for 6 years and the same phrase is constantly ringing in my head, "HEELS DOWN". I have tried literally everything to get my heels down but nothing has ever worked. I have tried lengthening, shortening, exercises, everything. I naturally have very week ankles. I have injured my...
  4. General Riding queries
    Hello! I've been having an issue. My heels are usually pretty good about staying down when walking, posting, or in jumping position. However, whenever I go to sit my trot, or sit to the canter, I can't seem to keep my heels down! What am I doing wrong? Thanks!
  5. English Riding Queries & Discussions
    I love riding, and have been doing it for about 2 years now, but before riding I did gymnastics and hurt my ankles a LOT. Keeping my heels stretched down is hard and painful for me, especially because in gymnastics your heel muscles are not trained to be pushed down..keeping toes pointed uses...
  6. General Riding queries
    I've only been riding off and on for two years. But when i do the rising trot, i always end of pushing off through my feet/ leg, and my toes go down and heels go up. My instructor just says to keep your heels down and hasn't made it real clear exactly HOW to do that. Thanks!
1-6 of 6 Results