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  1. Horse Health
    hi, my horse red is a morgan mare. i have had her since last june and she was a dream to a 14 year old girl ;P she has been great until 3 months ago or so i baught a western saddle (she normally goes english) and just rode in the western saddle but steerd english. Red started to buck in the...
  2. Horse Talk
    Well I am really confused. This is finally my chance to buy my first horse. A cute black and white miniature show horse..But if I purchased him, I would have to quit taking riding lessons (forever) at my riding stable. What should I do? I would be boarding the horse at my riding stable, but I...
  3. Horse Talk
    The pony is approx 14.1hh, bay gelding called Ben. He was ment to be for dressage at a Prelim level and showing. At his last home, in Ireland, he did WHP, jumping and showing. He need's more condition for showing. When my sister rode him for the first time, he wouldn't stop cantering and he put...
1-3 of 3 Results