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    Hi guys - all of you who would like to learn more from Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling. He just published a new video clip and I think it is one of the most educational clips I have seen with him - it shows very nicely how he begins with gaining the horse's respect and trust so it can accept him as a...
  2. Horse Training
    What do you make of Hempflings weekly essays at his Facebook Page? I think they are very interesting but also very thought provoking and sometimes quite surprising. He is rather bold in his statements sometimes and I would be curious to hear what others make of it? I am a keen follower of his...
  3. Horse Training
    Hey everyone, do you guys know Klaus Hempfling ? ( and do you guys have ever followed a course from him? And did you liked it? Sorry if my english is bad :oops: here you can see some of his video's.
1-3 of 3 Results