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herd dynamics
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    A little (ok a lot) of background...I'll do my best to condense this :? I moved to a new barn a week ago with my mare. I wanted her to be kept out with the herd because she has lived in a herd from the day she was born (not the same one mind, as she was moved when she was purchased, but always...
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    (I posted this on my original thread, but thought it might deserve it's own.) I need some advice on getting my current horse use to the idea of the new horse we purchased not quite a week ago. My new horse, Sarge, is such a mellow push-over! Chip, the current horse, is a bully! I understand...
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    Hello, This is my first post as I'm a new horse owner new to this forum. I wasn't expecting to ask a lot of questions, but I'm already realizing everything I know about horses is diddly squat next to everything I don't know. And now my mare has given me some big questions to ask :) So, a...
1-3 of 3 Results