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  1. General Riding queries
    I'm going on a riding holiday for a week at the Scottish equestrian hotel. With a chance to win rosettes, I want to do my best. I've never done competitions before because I don't have my own horse and I'm looking for some tips. Also, I have been riding the same three horses for years and when I...
  2. Horse Talk
    Hey guys! I turn 20 this month, and already my Mum has been discussing my 21st! Well, I don't often ask for loads, but I decided that I'd like to visit a dude ranch next year (probably in summer) and have my Mum pay a little bit towards it. Can anyone suggest a fun dude ranch somewhere in...
  3. Horse Pictures
    I want to see how you guys "decorate" your horses for the holidays! I took this photo a few years ago for a Christmas card. I love the expressions on their faces! Oh the things we do to them...if they could roll their eyes at me, I'm sure they would have. :wink:
1-3 of 5 Results