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  1. Horse Colors and Genetics
    Can someone knowledgeable break this down and explain it to me please? Double homozygous (black and tobiano) grullo. He is EE/aa/TT and 5 panel negative. His sire is homozygous tobiano and 5 panel N/N. Thanks
  2. Horse Pictures
    I'm new here. Just wanted to share photos of my stallion Mah Rajah. His pedigree is here Mah Rajah Arabian I got him in July. He is 12 & currently unbroke, but I have been on his back. I plan to get him riding soon & hopefully have him in the show ring next year. I believe he is homozygous...
  3. Horse Colors and Genetics
    Okay, so do any of you know if homozygous greys turn nearly white at a faster rate than heterozygous greys? My brain wants to think that if a horse inherits two grey genes, that it would then quicken the pace to turn nearly white. Maybe this is helped by my experience of growing up with...
  4. Sport Horses
    I have a young Oldenburg stallion prospect that I am going to go through the process of getting approved. I have been involved in showing and riding warmbloods for years and years but now that I am breeding some of the registry things confuse me. I have also been involved in breeding but...
  5. Welcome! Introduce yourself here!
    Hello My name is Nicky Dobson and I live in the west part of Michigan with my husband of 29 years. We raise and sell Miniature and Straight Egyptian Arabian Horses. I love to drive our miniatures and play with our new foals we have each year. I hope to meet new people and learn about other...
  6. Horses for Sale and Wanted
    AMHA/AMHR Haligonian Thrillers Sudden Impact 1999 palomino pinto,2000 and 2001 NYSMHC and ESMHA Futurity Winner. A son of the beautiful buckskin pinto, AMHA Honor Roll Stallion Lucky Four Haligonian Thriller. Impact is DNA'd homozygous pinto. Priced $2800.00 AMHA 2000 Bay/white pinto mare.She...
1-6 of 6 Results