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  1. Horse Health
    My horse severed his extensor tendon back in December, the tendon itself has healed as well as can be expected. The problem is the wound itself is not healing, it has healed some, but it is very slow and seems to have stalled. At one point he had an e-coli and staph infection going on. It has...
  2. Member Journals
    taking a shot at this. More of our history is available on my blog "Life and Horses" linked below. How Far we've Come My last post got me thinking about just how far Honey and I have come. The biggest I think is that I actually ride my horse now. The biggest fear issue that I've overcome is...
  3. Horse Pictures
    So Evo has been home a week now... is back with "his" mares and is happy as. Honey was just over the moon to see her third boyfriend back (lol she's 5, and boy crazy)... Bailey was at first pushed to the side which was sad to watch, but when I took Honey for a ride, Evo started smooth talking...
1-3 of 3 Results