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  1. Hoof Care
    Hi, my 13yr old thoroughbred gelding has been retired & barefoot for the past year. Before then he was a show jumper and I assume shoed. My farrier does a great job & describes his hooves as 'very common' (ie. could be better). They are chipped and cracked - at places this goes all the way to...
  2. Hoof Care
    Hi! we had a pretty cold/bad winter this year. I didn't get to ride that often or hard due to the ice/snow/frozen ground. My horse is barefoot. He is an Arabian, & 3 of his hooves are white. His hooves ended up getting bruised pretty bad all this winter, I guess just from the hard ground the few...
  3. Horse Health
    Hi I have a problem. My friends horse has completely lost his frog. I mean u can see the navicular tissue. The farrier said to soak his feet in Epsom salt twice a day for ten days and pack it with icthamal at night. This is just for pain management. Then he's going to put a special shoe on to...
  4. Horse Health
    Just got a rescue and his hooves are in good shape but are very cracky around the toe. They are very dry and brittle looking. Supplements are very expensive so I've been looking for cheaper ways to solve the problem. I have been using hoof heal and I haven't noticed really a change yet. Ive...
  5. Hoof Care
    My tb , has a disease in his hoof. it doesnt look normal (ill have pictures soon). I was told its lime disease or white line disease. Hes always in sand/dirt. Is there anything i can give him or do for him? he can't be moved. He's already on hoof supplements.
  6. Hoof Care
    Hi everyone, I attached some pics of my horses hooves, I know he needs a trim, but does anyone have advice on how they look? Is it terrible, or just a bit overgrown. He is not actually my horse, but I have been riding him. He lives in a barn, and rarely gets out of the stall because they don't...
  7. Horse Health
    I own a QH gelding who is prone to greasy heel, mud fever, whichever you like... He's had a slightly severe case before which required bandaging (my father has dealt with so many cases of this, I trust him wholey that he was giving me correct advice) Because I've read in some places bandaging...
1-7 of 7 Results