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  1. Horse Talk
    Honestly, I wasn't sure where the best place to post this would be, so I figured general would be a good option. I'm sure this post has been made a thousand times over, but I am a young adult looking into buying my first horse. I have been riding for about 5 years now. Unfortunately, I have...
  2. Horse Talk
    Morning all. I am looking for advice. I have raised an orphan from two days until preweaning stage. I now need to make a decision on whether to keep her or give her away ... not so easy but I want what is best for her. We live very remote in the Tanimi Desert and she has never had the chance...
  3. Art and Craft Work
    This is my work...
  4. Horse Health
    A chiropractor told me that I need to build up a topline on my 13 year old Appaloosa gelding. Any suggestions of how I can build a topline on the ground as well as while riding him? Also how long does it usually take for a horse to build a topline? Thanks!
  5. Horse Health
    I'll be getting my first horse in a couple of months and will be making a vet kit for him/her. I know the basic things like bandages and stuff but what are some other good things to put in it?
  6. New to Horses
    . Not really considering getting a horse right now- I've been into horses for 5 years but I've only rode a little bit since there's not really many places to ride around here without your own horse. But it seems like the norm in my town to get a horse when your still a beginner. I've heard some...
  7. Horse Training
    Hey Guy's, I was speaking to a couple of friends about this the other day, and thought I will put it to the forums to see what you guys think. Questions is, what is the single biggest frustration (from a training perspective) when it comes to getting your horse ready for an...
  8. Horse Health
    Hey guys, I am reasonably new to the industry and have just bought my first horse (which is in work now). My question, what is your single biggest challenge when it comes to getting your horse fit before an event/race meeting?:runninghorse2:
  9. Horse Grooming
    I'm just wondering what everyone's everyday grooming routines were. How long do you groom, what brushes do you use and any secrets you have on keeping a horse looking the best they can look. Also, what types of knots do you tie your horse up with? personally I like the daisy chain but that's...
  10. Horse Talk
    do any of those exist? i have a couple horses i would like to rehome but i want to know they are going to a good place and gonna have a job.
  11. Horse Show Clothing
    Hey I am doing miniature inhand shows at the moment. Later on I am thinking about showing my horses inhand and I was wondering if you can use the same show cane or if they are both different types? Thanks so much :)
  12. Plus Sized Riders
    Hi ladies and gents, I have really been worried lately about the effects of my weight on my 5 year old SSH gelding. He's 14.3 hands, probably about 1000 pounds, and is very narrow. I keep mulling over the 20% of a horse's body weight "rule of thumb" because over the winter I gained 20 pounds...
  13. Horse Talk
    Ok my horse friends, I am trying to put together an article for my blog and was hoping some of you could help me by answering these couple of questions. 1) What are some of the things that you buy for your horse every month, every other month, or even every few months? 2) What are some of the...
  14. Horse Breeds
    I have a mare that is around 15.1-15.2 hh she is not gaited I'm curious what you all think she may have in her!
  15. Horse Health
    Hi All, I've fostered 2 foals from a horse rescue, they arrived Saturday evening! (filly is 6 months old and colt is 8 months old) both are underweight and havent had it easy! in saying this they really are the friendliest little things that need loads of TLC! while doing the am feed this...
  16. Horse Training
    I have a horse who was born april 2012 Can i lunge him but not running just walking? Also can i put a saddle on his back at 3years old?
  17. Horse Colors and Genetics
    :DSo this is my first thread on HF and I'm not quite sure how it works yet, but ill figure it out. Anyway, I live in LA and I am in 8th grade this year and plan on buying a horse when I start 9th. I have been riding/competing in dressage and show jumping since 8 and the whole English thing just...
  18. Horse Breeds
    Hello!:-) We want to get a new horse, but my dad is allergic to cats, dogs, horses, etc... I know Curlys are Hypoallergenic horses, but I heard someone mantion that Gypsy Vanners are too, is that true? Thanks in advance :)
  19. New to Horses
    I am new myself to actually owning a horse. I've been riding nearly my whole life and came across this wonderful horse that my cousin was giving away and ended up getting her, along with her sister. This thread isn't going to be much about wanting to know something, but to inform you on...
  20. Equine Careers and Education
    I've always had a love for horses growing up, but due to the fact that my family simply couldn't afford it, was never able to ride either by taking lessons or owning/leasing a horse. Now that I'm 20 and have a part time job I'm putting my pay checks toward school and riding lessons. Because of...