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horse feeding

  1. Horse Health
    What are the foods that we should avoid feeding our horses? and Why?
  2. New to Horses
    I'm new to the horse world. Just started taking lessons and hope to get my very first horse in about 1.5 years. I would love to hear about your typical day with your horse (from morning feeding to putting them away for the night). Do you feed them at 6am and 6pm? How often do you ride? Okay...
  3. Horse Nutrition
    so i am moving my horse next weekend to a new barn where the horses are free fed from a round bale :) my horse currently is fed 2-2 1/2 leaves of a square bale 2x a day, along with around 2-4 lbs of grain (depending on her work load for the day:) i will continue her on her grain schedule as...