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  1. Horse Talk
    Hey friends! Just got my first Gypsy Vanner and I am over the moon for him! His show name is Crab Creek Cian O’Carrol of Ossary. I need name ideas! Help a girl out :loveshower: :blueunicorn:
  2. Horse Talk
    I have a dark bay gelding that I need to name. He is slightly high strung, but very sweet. He has the kindest eyes. Any ideas?? He is a thoroughbred also. :runninghorse2:
  3. Horse Shows
    Hi! I need help coming up with show names for my horses, Bellamy and Hugo. Bellamy is a dark bay thoroughbred gelding with a star, snip, and four white socks. He is being trained for hunter jumpers and jumpers. Hugo is a dark bay quarter horse gelding with two white socks and a coronet. He is...
  4. Horse Talk
    Hello! I recently got a new horse and I'm looking for some name ideas. Ill be honest I don't really like the classic names, I really like unique names! So no, Bella, Storm, Spot, or anything classic and normal..Please :) Also if it starts with a D, that would be cool but if not thats totally...
  5. General Off Topic Questions & Discussion
    I need help with a show name for my gelding! I'll be showing him in hunter jumpers and show jumping next year, maybe some dressage. His registered name is Table and he's sweet as can be! He is a dark bay and has a small star slightly to the right of his forehead, a big snip that covers his...
  6. Horse Shows
    Hi all, Does anyone have some advice as to what name I would show my lease QH/Paint Alaska under next season at schooling shows? I have considered "The Last Frontier" and "Alaskan Gold", if those are any good? She is a 14-year-old 14.3 mare, with a sort of big body, and our color is going to be...
  7. Horse Talk
    I need a name for a sorrel miniature horse mare. She is very sweet and gentle. Thanks!
  8. Horse Talk
    I need names for a silver dappled filly and black w/ white colt. (Barn names) Both are 2-yo and very sweet :):blueunicorn::pinkunicorn:
  9. Horse Talk
    I need names for a silver dapple miniature horse filly & Black and white paint colt. Preferably names that are not super common. Thanks! :faceshot: :runninghorse2:
  10. Horse Talk
    I have a sorrel tobiano paint gelding. His current show name is Dipstick - I have never liked it. He is usually called Dippie for short. I do not like either of these, so I would love to find a barn name that suits him better. He is a good boy that wants to please you, but he has some bad...
  11. Horse Talk
    I've had this gelding for a month and have not named him yet, he is a 4year old palomino foxtrotter and stands 15.2hh he is such a sweet horse and loves to please. Any name suggestions are great, thankyou!
  12. Horse Talk
    Just a general list. Comment what your horses names are! :grin: Even if its horses that have passed onto greener pastures! Lets hear them all - the common the wierd the crazy! Ill start - Lexi, Captain, Mouse, Charlie, Annie :happydance:
  13. Horse Shows
    I need ideas for horses' show names because I can't think of anything and I will be showing soon. First up is Silvy, or as I call her Silvyia Santana, a 15 year old AQHA mare. She's stubborn and headstrong but she is my baby. Something exotic/Spanish to match her barn name would be neat, even...
  14. Horse Talk
    Want to get to know people on here! So post your horse names, anyone have any unusual ones? Or if you really want a horse (like me) what would you call it? x x
  15. Horse Talk
    I heard it was bad luck to change a horse's name! does it mean registered name? probably not barn name.. that happens alot lol. My mare's registered name is "Luna of Windy Acres" :P i dont really like it. should i change it? does any one have an suggestions? (shes an egyptian arab, and i love...
  16. Horse Shows
    Recently my 11 year old niece acquired a GORGEOUS hunter jumper mare. The mare is three years old and has just started showing. We've been trying to put together a suitable registered name for her. The previous owners called her 'Silly', and her dam's name was 'Bordering Gracefulness' and her...
1-16 of 17 Results