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  1. Horse Pictures
    Above is Taylor, a horse I rode for a couple of years. A Missouri Fox Trotter 2000(yr) 14.2 h :) This is Laddie, the first TB I worked with. He was the first horse I did physical therapy for. 2007 (yr) 16.2 h Heres big Pete. He’s 33 with the spunk of a horse half his age. 1988 (yr) 15.3 h This...
  2. Horse Pictures
    Pretty much what the title says. I entered a horsey photo contest and I was wondering if I could post the link so you guys could go vote on it if you wanted to!
  3. Art and Craft Work
    I have bookmarked and fav'd - Home There is all kinds of forum/game friendly art, free stock photos for manipulations and even animations. It has the forum code for each image in a convenient little copy and paste box. :D Awesome
1-3 of 3 Results