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horse pregnant?
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    At 5 months pregnant "back in October" We had complications with Bo and had reason to believe she miscarried. She started discharging mucus out of her vulva. We called the vet out immediately. The vet palpated her with his hands and said she had lost it. Never an official ultrasound. We never...
  2. Horse Breeding
    Okay, when we first got my mare, Blossom, it was May 21, 2010. (5-21-10) and we noticed she was already big, but my dad said most Quarter horses are really big anyways. The man who sold us Blossom, said she could possibly be pregnant by a gray stud in the pasture by the man who sold it to the...
  3. Horse Breeding
    I rescued a mare Nov 2009 Thanksgiving weekend from animal cruelty and neglect. Asha was almost starved to death. She was there with several other horse. Now 7 months later we think she may be pregnant. Several peopel have asked me that, and of course I say no she is the only horse we have. I...
1-3 of 3 Results