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    Hello! My name is Tanner, and I am in an engineering course in school. My partner for the course and I are possibly designing an assistive stirrup that hangs down from the actual stirrup, for people to get onto a horse easier. The name of it is the Giddy Up. It would portable and...
  2. Horse Show Clothing
    Ive designed a body protector thats fitted and well ..less ugly than ones on the market. it also accounts for girls with bigger boobs, its made according to bra size... as body protectors now are usually flat chested. Before i can get it out on the market i could do with some feedback.. would...
  3. Horse Show Clothing
    Just found this at GO Outdoors. 50% off this week only. Equestrian Equipment | Horse Tack | Equestrian Clothing Not looking for any new gear personally, Hope it helps someone though. Edit: totally ruined the title of this thing haha. Didnt notice that! d'oh!