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horse safety

  1. New to Horses
    I am new myself to actually owning a horse. I've been riding nearly my whole life and came across this wonderful horse that my cousin was giving away and ended up getting her, along with her sister. This thread isn't going to be much about wanting to know something, but to inform you on...
  2. Horse Trailers
    Is it safer/better to tie a horse in a trailer or leave them loose? I'd like to let people share their opinions on this matter. But please keep it civil and positive, lol (I've seen a lot of discussions like this get very heated very fast, especially relating to horse safety :wink:). When...
  3. Horse Health
    Our barn is holding summer camps this year and one of the activities we were thinking about was having kids paint one of the horses. Are there any paints that are completely safe to do this with?? Any ideas or info welcomed ! Thanks everyone -Mylissa
  4. Horse Talk
    What is the best balance? Don't want to make a personal loan to get a new insurance plan but I want a good riding horse. How much risk vs reward?
  5. Horse Tack and Equipment
    Horse Safety should be the number one concern for every horse lover. We all know that keeping our horses safe from injury and illness is a daily responsibility and requires preventative action. Many aspects of horse safety are considered common sense while others require research. If you have...