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  1. Horse Shows
    BACK TO THE FUTURE (I Got Em Talkin X Scotch Bar Annie) 2X Congress Champion 3X Top Five 3X Top Ten It’s hard to put into words the last two weeks and what they’ve meant to me but I’m going to try anyways. It’s been four years since we last showed at the Color Breed Congress and five since...
  2. General Riding queries
    I've been riding for roughly a year, but took up English riding just 4 months ago after giving western a shot. When I was riding at my western barn, I had the walk with steering down, and the trot down, and started to perfect the canter. After switching to English, I found my instructor bringing...
  3. Horse Shows
    Hi everyone, I am looking for something fun for me to do in the summer with horses, and I was wondering if a horse show is the right thing. I am not at all competitive with horses, I just love being around them, but I would like to build a bond with one of the horses at the stable so that...
  4. Trailer and Horsebox queries
    Hello! I was wondering what everyone does with there horses when traveling overnight? I know most shows have stalls available, but if you stop and stay in a hotel overnight what do you do with your horses? Also I know there are some horse motels and things but in my experience/area they are very...
  5. Horse Shows
    Hello everyone! I need some ideas for my mare's show name. I will be showing her in dressage and I need to get her a show name for her membership. She is a bay draft cross and her barn name is Bella. She has no markings except for a star on her face.
  6. Barrel Racing
    Howdy Everyone, I'm the show announcer for Midland Barrels up in Fonda, New York. So far this season we have done a Glow in the Dark Race, A Wine Run, and a Pick up 'n Hustle. We are looking for other fun run ideas to do at our next show. The Wine Run was done at our July Show and it was pretty...
  7. Horse Pictures
    I am no professional by far, but I think I got some okay photos for not having a fancy lens on my DSLR! This was my first time taking photos at a show (and my first time taking photos of horses in general). You can see the whole set of my "best" photos at the bottom of one of my latest blog...
  8. Horse Talk
    I have wondered about this forever. Is it just like a self proclaimed thing or do you need like an actual degree or education or something? I mean I'm sure it varies by which organization/style/event you're judging, but aside from that I have no clue. Anyone got any idea?
  9. Horse Shows
    I know that A Circuit riders often have expensive horses that can get close to the 6 figures, train frequently with prestigious trainers, and spend a lot of time (and time = money) at the barn. Do they ever make enough money to cover the costs? Can they make enough money to be actually 'making'...
  10. Horse Tack, blankets and Equipment Queries
    Does it need to be dry cleaned or can I throw it in the washer with normal detergent? I have a show coming up and I really need to clean it! Thank you very much!
  11. Horse Riding Critique
    Hello everyone :-) If you wouldn't mind, could you critique this photo of myself and my previous mount? It was taken during a Hack division at a past show although I cannot remember which class. Critique equitation, horse and turnout! Thank you! (Click photo to enlarge)
  12. Horse Shows
    I'm really confused on which of these fees I am required to pay and how much each class is? Can you help me understand what i need to pay? I will be traveling with my trainer and sharing a spot in her trailer. Here are the fees and the entry form...
  13. Horse Shows
    My first horse show is in 3 weeks, im super exited but also a bit nervous! Does anybody have any tips or tricks to help me do better?:-)
1-13 of 46 Results