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  1. General Riding queries
    To preface this question: I have been leasing a 9yr old OTTB for a year for the purpose of showing in the Hunters in the Midwest region. I have never owned a horse, I have always leased / shareboarded historically. Never really showed before due to not leasing or shareboarding horses that were...
  2. Horse Shows
    If there are any horse shows around southwest Iowa, feel free to post them here! If you do, be sure to include: - date(s) - start time - name of show - location
  3. Horse Talk
    any tips to get a western pleasure horse to pack their tail besides nerve blocking?
  4. Horse Health
    Help! I recently bought an OTTB and he is the greatest! he is lazy as can be and just an all around lovebug BUT when i take him off property he is a totally different horse. Last horse show he kept rearing up and striking out at me. He is a big boy too. He is fine up at the trailer and is calm...
  5. Grooming, clipping, bathing & equipment used
    I'm planning on competing in my first combined training event in a few weeks and I need to braid for the dressage portion. Problem is I'm TERRIBLE at braiding (no amount of practice is helping) and my horse has the patience of a 3 year old child :evil:! I saw an older post about the Braideez...
1-5 of 5 Results