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  1. Horse Protection
    What's everyone's opinion on horse slaughter? I believe that it is just wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Naturally, horses would never have to go through that and be killed by us humans! :-|:-?
  2. Horse Talk
    They need around 860 more signatures for these horses, I typically don't sign petitions but I feel for these horses. Check it out here...
  3. Horse Protection
    President Obama quietly approved horse slaughter las month aboutb the same time he spared the Thanksgiving turkey. I can't believe how easily he did that. Not much fuss at all from the media - just a few lone writers like the link below. Horse slaughter! Where's the outrage? Op-Ed: Wild horses...
  4. Horse Protection
    I didn't know what forum to post this in so I'll do it here (: Hi, I'm trying to help out and pass around the petition to ban horse slaughter in the US. It breaks my heart I can't help because I'm from Canada, so I'm trying to do my part in this. Only Americans can sign the petition however and...
  5. Horse Videos
    While these pictures are of very graphic nature, I actually picked the less disturbing photos, believe it or not. There are photos of large piles of JUST horse heads and legs. There is NOTHING right about horse slaughter, so do what you can to END it. Horse slaughter in the US is illegal, but...
  6. Horse Protection
    I need to know whether these sales in NC are actually "kill sales". Post pictures or stories, anything would be awesome!!! This is for a school project so anything would be greatly appreciated! 1. Carolina Stockyards, Siler City, NC 2. Arden Horse Sale (Ashville Sale), Fletcher, NC 3. Boiling...
1-6 of 6 Results