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  1. Horse Tack and Equipment Queries
    Hello, I have a 12 yr old portuguese sport horse mare. She is super healthy and never had any issues. However, when it comes to half pads, it's been a wild journey. I bought a second hand saddle. It is a very good saddle even though it is a bit big for me. I have always looked for the best half...
  2. Trail Riding
    I’m from Houston and I see a lot of the trail riders here with them but don’t know anyone personally to ask. Some people also tend not to want to tell where they got things. I see people calling them themed colored halters. I want my “theme” to be my two favorite colors. I’ve looked online but...
  3. Horse Tack and Equipment Queries
    So, I'm think of selling or trading my King Series western saddle, but I'm not sure what the range value would be. I know it will at least be $100. The guy before me was selling it for $75 with the latigo and back strap broken. It was really dusty and dirty when I got it. So, I had clean it up...
  4. Review Horse Tack and Equipment
    Henri de Rivel Phoenix Close Contact Saddle | Dover Saddlery
  5. Trail Riding
    The week-long trail ride in Ethiopia we completed this January was was the adventure of a life time: horse handlers who run as fast as galloping horses, forests full of cute monkeys and fields packed with fleas. We've got to see traditional clay huts, donkeys and horses gathering by the streams...
  6. Horse Tack and Equipment Queries
    hi, I'm looking to get some stirrup irons and leathers and I've looked everywhere for someone to tell me a size guide and i can't find one! im a size 8 shoe (uk) and 5.85". please can someone heeeelllllpppp?!:sad::gallop:
  7. Horse Tack and Equipment Queries
    Hi.I am a minor so I can not get a job I do odd jobs for people and so I make a little money off the side but I do not have that much money to spend and I want to start making horse tack so i can save money.I know how to make the rope halter and I sell those but any other thing would be...
  8. Horse Tack and Equipment Queries
    So i have been looking at And i really like the look of the products on there, im just wondering if they actually work and if anyone has had any experience with them, i found a few old threads from 2009 and it sounds good, but im just putting a post out there, if you...
  9. Horse Tack and Equipment Queries
    I just want opinions on good brands you guys have used and been satisfied with. I just want the best support for my girls joints that I can get! Also, speaking of joints... Any joint supplement suggestions? My horse is a 5 year old quarter horse mare. Right now, we're learning some western...
  10. Horse Tack and Equipment Queries
    This is my Nelson Pessoa jumping saddle from the 90's. it's in amazing condition and is super comfy! He much do you think I should list it for? Thanks! The seat is a size 17.5 image | Flickr - Photo Sharing! image | Flickr - Photo Sharing! image | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
  11. Horse Tack and Equipment Queries
    Hi, I have been searching around for a new XCountry Mono-Flap and have some questions on brands. VOLTAIRE vs. DEVOUCOUX vs. DELGRANGE What are your preferance out of the brands? Price range on the brands? Easiest to fit to horses? Customer service? Any help would be great, Thanks!:-)
  12. Horse Tack and Equipment Queries
    Does anyone know of a person or group who can and will provide expert saddle fitting advice and who is not also in the business of selling saddles? I have a very hard to fit TWH gelding. I have sent his back measurements and photos to some saddle makers and saddle dealers. All have responded by...
  13. Horse Tack and Equipment Queries
    Anybody have any experience with Allegany Mountain Trail Saddles? My Tennessee Walker has a very broad back and low, wide withers. I have been looking to purchase a custom saddle so as to ensure a good fit for him. The Allegany Saddle Co. seems to have a very good fitting procedure. I am...
1-13 of 14 Results