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  1. Horse Talk
    I’m going to try and spare unnecessary details and I’m sorry if I used the wrong tags? I’m new here and still trying to get the hang of it! I started taking Hunter lessons with my current trainer about 2 years ago. She was the one who got me to take riding more seriously than ‘just for fun’...
  2. Horse Talk
    Hey everyone ! Tell me about the first time you felt a deep connection with a horse, whether it be a riding connection, or your first "heart horse". Any type of connection that has a special place in your heart. Who was the horse ? How old were you ? Was it your own horse or someone else's ...
  3. Horse Talk
    My horse is branded, I've only had him for a year and he came from a kill pin. I need help reading his brands. Any and all help reading it is appreciated.
  4. Horse Talk
    Hey guys, My cousin and I are trying to put together a musical ride for an open house, to raise money to build an indoor arena. We have some movements that will look fantastic to any song but we need some suggestions! We ,right now, are using Firework by Katy Perry but are open to changing...
  5. Horse Talk
    Look at this cute love bug...trained him last year for a 9 year old who wanted to barrel race. I got to see her at her first run and ran a 17.2! So proud of how this horse turned out, what do ya'll think?? Cute or boot?:lol:
  6. Horse Talk
    As a Design student I’ve decided to do a study around the design of Equestrian Breeches and how well these perform for the riders who use them. If you’re a horse rider I would really appreciate just a few minutes of your time to help me find out more. Here’s the link: Survey provided by Many...
  7. Horse Health
    I am a new horse owner - I've had Rocky, a 15 yr old, 15.2 quarter horse, since August. I first met him 8 years ago at a horse camp, where I rode him for 4 summers straight (I know this horse well). He lived at the camp for over a decade, where he was only ridden in July and August. For the...
  8. Horse Talk
    Has anyone gone about trying to cross register a horse with APHA and Pinto Assoc?? My mare is Pinto reg and the sir of my colt is APHA; I'm not sure how to go about registering the baby. Do I do one or the other or both? ANY advice on the matter would be recieved with great thanks! God Bless!
1-8 of 10 Results