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  1. Trainers, Schools, Clubs, Clinics
    Hey everyone, I live in a place where the equine community is very small-especially in dressage. This causes a lot of drama and gossip issues so I try my best not do anything that others would pick apart and essentially make me the outcast, but I still want to progress and I want to be noticed...
  2. Training, Performance, behavioral concerns/queries
    Earlier today Live with Sean Davis - he talks why he loves mustangs Sean Davies ? Spirit Heart Ranch with Graeme Stable Horse Training and Rehabilitation | Specializing in Horse Training and Horsemanship Riding Lessons For All Types of Horses and People
  3. Trainers, Schools, Clubs, Clinics
    Hi! I am a twenty-one year old female who is graduating from an equestrian college this coming May. It is my desire to train horses for film one day and become a stunt rider. I know that this is a difficult field to get into and I am looking to get any help or advice possible. I am looking for...
  4. Training, Performance, behavioral concerns/queries
    I've been asked by my friends, who are less fortunate than I, who ride straight going stock to explain what I mean by "Setting a gait". To explain what it means to set a gait, first we must discuss the Naturally Gaited Horse. A "Naturally Gaited Horse" is a breed of horse that has been...
  5. Training, Performance, behavioral concerns/queries
    What is Basic Training? Have you ever wondered what goes on during your horses "Basic Training"? Well, if you were in the military, it's is similar to the process there. You want to build a horse from the ground up the way you want him. The first thing I do is an evaluation. What does he know...
  6. Training, Performance, behavioral concerns/queries
    Hello Everyone! I am trying to put together a list (directory) of good horse trainers in the U.S.A. for my website and you would think it would be really easy to just Google it...nope! does anyone knows of and good trainers or a good place to find some?
  7. Horse Jobs Available & Seeking Positions
    Hi there everyone! I am going to be attending the University of Texas in Arlington and living in the Grapevine area starting in the spring (January specifically). I currently live in Brandon, FL and have been riding for about 10 years now. Where I live I have been blessed with numerous...
  8. Training, Performance, behavioral concerns/queries
    Hello, my name is Abby, I am completely new to the forums and pretty new to horses. I, like probably many other people, was that little girl who always wanted a horse, but didn't have a family who could afford horses or really lessons. I'd do anything to get near a horse, taking the same trail...
  9. Training, Performance, behavioral concerns/queries
    Patrick Kaye's DVD on Training horses using the Free Form method is now available for free on Youtube. Nothing to sell, just free information on a quicker and kinder way of training horses.
  10. General Riding queries
    I am trying to looking online for a company that does Horse trainer liability insurance and at the moment I have only found one I am comfortable to have insurance with. Though I am on here to ask any freelance instructors who do you have your insurance with in the USA? I want to start of...
1-10 of 13 Results