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    I am trying to find a great horse transporter to trailer my horse from Southern California to South-eastern Idaho. (You can skip the nect paragraph if you do not want to read about the horrid experience I had with another transporter) We had found a different transporter with lovely reviews...
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    Hey everyone! :gallop: We never know what can happen in our lives, same as i did not know that i would ever move permanently to the USA. I own 9 years old show jumper, super sweet warm-blood gelding. I purchased him 6 years ago after loss of my first mare with promise - i will never ever sell...
  3. Horse Trailers
    Hi there, I'm new to the forums so bear with me! I'm interested in going out of state for college and will absolutely be taking my gelding, a 20 year old thoroughbred, with me. I was wondering if anyone had reccommendations, opinions, experiences, reviews, etc. of transportation services, as I...
  4. Horse Trailers
    Hey! I was wondering if anyone has used a horse transportation company to ship their horse. If so, what was the name and how did you like their service? Thanks!