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    So because of the Coronavirus, I'm home all the time & I have plenty of time on my hands. I was thinking of making a horse treat business! So I have some questions for the equestrian public. 1.) Do you care if their cute or not? This is very important because it determines the recipe I use...
  2. New to Horses
    Hello, welcome to Horse Treat Recipes. Today, I will write down some recipes that were approved, on my horse Labud, he is a picky one so I am sure your horses will like it. :faceshot: 1: Flower Salad Bunch of Pink Clover/or Lamium. Bunch of Dandelions Bunch of Thick Blade Grass Bunch of Oat /...
  3. Horse Talk
    Hi, does anyone have any horse treat recipes that are healthy and easy to make? If you do please tell me. Thanks, Maya x:D
  4. Horse Health
    Are pumpkins okay for horses to eat. i was wondering cause i use to give my dog a pumpkin at halloween and he wouldnt eat it but he would play with it and i was wondering if i could do the same for my mare?
  5. Horse Talk
    Does your horse like apples or carrots? Oats or mints? Or do you have a special treat that your horse likes? For example, my horse Freddie LOVES carrots, hates apples, and occasionally gets honey oat biscutes or peanut butter on carrots :D Share your treat ideas! :-)
  6. Horse Health
    I've read that peppermints are OK as a treat for horses, and the only concern from anyone is that they might cause the teeth to rot if feed too frequently. Is this true? Anyone have this happen to them? What other treats are "good" to give? I've heard of watermelon rinds and oranges...but how...