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  1. Horse Show Clothing
    Hey there! My name is Caroline and I am an intermediate rider preparing for my first horse trials :D It is in three weeks and I am still without my Tall Black Boots!! Unfortunately, we live quite a while from the nearest dover saddlery and the soonest possible date i could receive my boots is in...
  2. Eventing
    So my horse is fairly new to me, I've had her going on three months. But we've only been cross-country once and it was only a schooling. I have a 3-Phase coming up, and I think I have a few problems that I have to solve before next Wednesday (show day) :-P 1. WATER.. I've gone through deep...
  3. Horse Shows
    Barbury Castle Horse Trials will be entertaining the 2012 Olympic eventing teams at next years event. Barbury 2012 is set to be a vintage equestrian and sporting occasion, with the competition likely to be the last for the majority of team horses and riders before the Olympics at Greenwich...
1-3 of 4 Results