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  1. Teen Talk
    I'm a horseless horse girl. Any others like me? (horseless) I sooo wish I had a horse to ride, love, and have! Who's with me?! I mean, even if you already have a horse, who doesn't want another?:runninghorse2::loveshower:
  2. Welcome! Introduce yourself here!
    Hello everyone! I'm rather new here, and figured I'd introduce myself. I'm 23 and living in Alberta, I've been interested in horses since I was a kid, and have countless books on them. I was only able to take lessons once for a few months before moving out to Alberta. Living in the middle of a...
  3. Horse Stories and Poems
    I apologize in advance for kind of a whiny woe-is-me poem, lol... I wrote it about how I've been feeling lately dealing with being horseless. Horses are my greatest passion and I can't stand to be without them, but I'm forced to be for awhile so I'm left to write depressing poetry about it :lol...