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    I am so proud of my boy. <3 When I bought him 5 years ago, he suffered from massive seperation anxiety from other horses, he was very spooky and had no selfconfidence at all. His reaction when you wanted something from him was to just bolt and you could not communicate with him. He was a...
  2. Rider Wellness
    hi there, i just fell off a horse in a group lesson 5 days ago, I landed on my arm and head, I was wearing a helmet. I had a delayed concusion and had a graze on my arm and was air lifted to hospital. When I got there, they thought I had bleeding to my brain or bruising or even a broken neck...
  3. Welcome! Introduce yourself here!
    Hello everyone. Nice to have found a forum for someone that doesn't yet own a horse but would love to have one. I have ridden horses before and the first time I was one one I fell in love. They are truely one of Yaweh's most beautiful creatures to me.